Corporate retreats reinvented

The challenge for many companies is to organize efficient retreats while keeping budgets in line with those of the previous year. In this context, our luxury manor houses offer an ideal solution, combining luxury and functionality, for corporate retreats that are both inspiring and productive.

Our properties are distinguished by their ability to offer a tranquil, eco-responsible setting, meeting the requirements of companies concerned about their environmental impact. Each manor house, set in unspoilt natural surroundings, offers team-building activities that strengthen bonds, promote communication and stimulate creativity within teams. What’s more, our kitchens offer locavore and inclusive catering concepts, ensuring that every meal contributes to the overall experience while supporting local communities.

What’s more, our manors are equipped to meet the needs of modern businesses, with top-of-the-range facilities for work sessions and workshops. Whether for hackathons, strategy workshops or simply to strengthen team cohesion, our sites offer modular, technologically-equipped spaces that can be customized to the specific needs of each group.

Choosing our luxury manors for your next corporate retreat means opting for an environment that inspires change and growth. By incorporating elements of understated luxury, a commitment to sustainability and a personalized approach to every event, we ensure that every retreat is not only memorable but also fundamentally rewarding. With us, get ready to rediscover the potential of your teams in an exceptionally elegant and functional setting.