Discover the unique charm of Maplewood Manor for your next corporate retreat

In the heart of Waterloo’s enchanting landscape stands the Maplewood Manor a jewel of elegance and tranquility, offering the perfect setting for your next corporate retreat. This historic manor house, meticulously restored, brilliantly blends the charm of the past with modern efficiency, promising an unforgettable experience for every visitor. At Belvoir Group we understand the importance of combining work and relaxation.

Teamwork: efficiency redefined at Maplewood Manor

At Maplewood Manor, the fusion of luxury, history and productivity creates a unique setting for corporate retreats, where relaxation and teamwork blend to perfection. Carefully restored, this Manoir harmoniously blends modern conveniences with architectural elegance, offering the ideal space for innovation and brainstorming. A variety of services, including modern conference facilities and relaxing activities such as spas and tastings, ensure a carefree stay.

The Manoir’s vast outdoor spaces encourage reflection and relaxation, fostering creativity and team cohesion. Choosing Maplewood Manor for a corporate retreat means choosing a place where efficiency meets well-being, transforming every moment into an opportunity to strengthen team spirit and inspire the future.

Our Manoirs offer spacious common rooms and quiet lounges, perfectly equipped for team meetings, brainstorming sessions or conferences. Each space can be adapted to your specific needs, allowing total flexibility in the organization of your events. The combination of a historic setting with modern amenities creates a unique working environment that stimulates creativity and promotes efficiency.

Not forgetting pleasure: unforgettable moments of relaxation

Piscine et aires extérieures au Manoir Maplewood

At Maplewood Manor, fun and relaxation take center stage, offering a rich experience with something for everyone. Outside the historic walls of the Manoir, the village of Waterloo opens up to you, with its bars, bistros and everything from craft beers to local delicacies. For lovers of nature and well-being, Spa Bolton and Spa Balnea in Bromont offer relaxing treatments in harmony with the environment. The experience continues with outdoor activities such as golf, not to mention cycle paths through breathtaking scenery. Maplewood Manor is the promise of an escape where pleasure and relaxation meet in an exceptional setting, ideal for memorable moments.

Peaceful sleep: the ultimate in comfort at Maplewood Manor

At Maplewood Manor, each room is a haven of peace, promising a restful night’s sleep. With eighteen elegantly appointed rooms, the establishment offers a variety of sleeping arrangements, from comfortable queen beds to luxurious suites and even a spacious dormitory, to suit all preferences. Each bed is carefully prepared, equipped with top-of-the-range mattresses and top-quality bed linen to ensure unrivalled comfort. The rooms, bathed in an atmosphere of tranquility, benefit from optimal sound insulation, allowing guests to relax completely and fall asleep to the sound of silence. Whether after a day of meetings, outdoor activities, or simply as a retreat from the world, sleeping at Maplewood Manor means surrendering to a peaceful night, wrapped in luxury and comfort.

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